Sweet References


Mike and I were to be married in July of 2005. When deciding the priorities of our wedding budget, we felt that the area of photography should not be undermined. To us, it was of highest importance (other than our vows). We knew that there may come a day, hopefully later than sooner, when our memories would fail us. And as we would turn the pages of our wedding album, we wanted those memories to come flooding back and be so potent and so real that we would be able to taste our wedding cake.
When we came across the work of our would-be photographer, we were in awe of his work. True art. Not just “pictures”, but art. We knew we desperately wanted his work hanging on our walls for years to come. We spared no expense and booked him on the spot. And we were not disappointed.
About 5 years later, our daughter, Annaleigh Grace, was born. She was the joy we never knew we needed. We now were a happy family of three. The time had come to capture that joy and have our first family photos taken. Little did we know that our conviction to have our memories saved in the pages of a photo album still remained strong. Having been spoiled in our past, we didn’t want just “pictures”. We wanted art. We wanted to be able to deeply feel the love we have for each other.
Then I met Amy Emily. I heard she had a secret passion for photography. And soon, I came across her work. And I was in awe. We had found the one. She knows how to create art with a lens. True, honest-to-goodness, art. I contacted her and scheduled our photo shoot.
Our shoot took place at the local state park during the fall. Despite the increasing chill as the sun went down, Amy made us feel warm and at home with her sweet and happy personality. Her ideas of poses, natural backgrounds, and lighting are innumerable. She encourages you to act “normal” and to “be yourself”. This created a safe environment and we ended up having so much fun! Yet, she conducted herself with the utmost professionalism. Her love for photography was also evident. It shows up all over her work. She puts her heart and soul into what she does.
And our pictures. Wow. I absolutely love them. They turned out beautifully. Better than I could have dreamed. Looking at them, I can taste the crisp fall air. I also see my family as they are: Happy. Silly. In love. I see my family as the masterpiece God has created us to be. Amy Emily made sure of that. Her masterpieces will be proudly hanging on our walls for years to come.



Our experience with Amy Kelly was one of a kind!  My family is generally not excited to get our pictures taken, mostly because we have tried the traditional studio shots that seemed forced and impersonal.  With the addition of our second child we wanted some family photos but thought this time we would try a different route.   In my quest to find something different I ran across some of Amy’s work.   I knew from the moment I saw her photos that this was the photographer for me!  Amy not only came to our house but she made us feel so relaxed and comfortable we almost forgot she was there to take pictures.  We basically spent the afternoon as a family as she captured each and every precious moment.

One of the things I love most about her is how creative she is.   Her artistic ability is readily seen in all of her work.  She not only spends ample time with you making sure to get the right shot but you can tell she spends hours making sure it is edited to perfection.  You will never walk away wishing she would have done more.

Working with Amy was a privilege!   Not only has she given my family incredible pictures that we can enjoy forever but memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.

~Lisel Whipple

Amy was so excited to photograph our little Jadyn! She came to our house and took pictures of us holding and interacting with our baby. It was a relaxed atmosphere and now we have precious moments she captured for us to look back on. She also thought of creative places and props for pictures. One of my favorite pictures is of our baby sleeping in a suitcase with roses my husband and I had given each other in the background. Amy works well with babies, kids and adults too! She does an excellent  job! Thanks Amy for everything!

~Krista Rodgers


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