GOOBER: John David Weston

The Westons are a pretty fabulous family and they recently had a wonderful new addition. His name is John David but around the house he’s called JD.  I had photographed them as a family before so when I got a message inquiring about my services for JD I was smiling ear to ear.

It was such a pleasure to photograph him. My heart just wants to burst with glee at how adorable this little guy is. Look at him and tell me your heart doesn’t melt!

Thanks Michelle and Mike for letting me come and photograph your family. I look forward to every moment I get to spend time with y’all. Michelle, you truly are a dear encouragement to me!  Love, A.E.

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Do you need a little sunshine on a cloudy, gloomy day? I think I do so I decided to post some pictures of a beautiful newborn session I had with Bella. Three week’s old and absolutely adorable!

Rachel and Tim have such an immeasurable amount of joy about Bella it’s wonderful to watch. As new parents they just glow with happiness. I’m so thankful to have been able to photograph this family.

Rachel and Tim-You’re both going to be fabulous parents. Thanks for inviting me into your home and letting me do what I love. Bella’s beautiful and I’m so happy for you both! –A.E.

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Engagement Party: Joe + Liza

I showed up to the engagement party excited to finally meet Liza and Joe. I had previously taken a photo of Liza and her mom at another bridal shower and it was somewhere framed in her mom’s house. So when Liza got engaged she contacted me to see if I could come photograph their engagement party.

As I walked towards her parents’ home, I could hear plenty of laughter and chatter. Surrounded by friends and family, Joe and Liza were beaming. I could just see the joy and appreciation they held for all those who were sharing in their celebration. It was a beautiful beginning to the festivities to come!

Joe and Liza- I think you both are great. Congratulations and Happy Planning. –Amy Emily

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A Country Wedding: Delana and Robert

I hadn’t seen her for our usual Tuesday hangout in a week or two. As I waiting at Northern Lights she called me and asked, is it okay if Robert comes? Excited about finally meeting him I said no problem. In my mind I could not understand why Robert would be here though. He’s from Alabama and she just went down to visit him. Did he come back with her? I was so confused.

As they came in conversation flowed and finally I asked Delana what was going on. In sheer excitement she exclaimed they were getting married…. In a few weeks! Floored…doesn’t come close to the feelings I had. As they began to interact with them both it made perfect sense. Delana had found her best friend and Robert had found his. They had a patient-understanding with each other as they discussed details and laughed at the swiftness. I believe the patient understanding comes when you’ve  waited to find the love of your life. You sincerely appreciate the other because you remember the days when you thought you were bound for singlehood. You praise God for His grace in providing someone to balance your craziness, to beat box in those silent moments and to be your partner through all the adventures to come. 

Robert and Delana’s small and intimate ceremony was on the family farm. The wedding was set in Delana’s favorite spot. The lane and stone wall lead to a little opening that held their closest family and friends.  It was a perfectly relaxed country wedding!

Hey you two lovebirds-I think you’re both fabulous! Keep running after the truth; you’re both a wonderful encouragement to me. I pray that God will continue to bless your marriage and future endeavors together. All my love-A.E.

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Are you Inked?

You’re probably thinking…where did Amy go? I know, I’ve thought it myself. Where am I and what am I doing? Well for the past two weeks I was working on a photo-project for my church. I’ve had other sessions but this one has been one that has captured a lot of my thought. Sunday mornings are a special time for me and I think John Piper clearly explains a part of why in this quote,

Therefore we eagerly embrace God’s call for new, visible manifestations of love toward each other, our guests, and our neighbors. With a fresh openness and outgoing spirit to each other and to all new people, we henceforth put understanding above accusation, forbearance above faultfinding, and biblical unity above the demand for uniformity.” 

I feel like this is a great depiction of what New Life stands for. Everyone there has such a passion for helping and serving each other because of the grace of God. They challenge me intellectually, put me in my place when I’m wrong, laugh with me over wins and bear with me my burdens. I couldn’t ask for a better family!

I was working on the project but it got rudely disrupted by hurricane Irene. I weighed whether I should publish it or wait but then I just went for it. It is a set of black and white photos of my fellow brothers and sisters holding a sign. The sign asks one, simple question

                                                        … Are you INKED?

Curious? You should be! September 4th is our launch date for the sermon series at New Life. I want to encourage you to come if you’re in the area and if you’re not, feel free to jump on and watch the live feed. When I travel that’s what I do and it’s great!

I can’t wait for it to start! – A.E.

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It was months ago when Jill asked me for a photo-shoot for her and her husband. Then it had to be rescheduled…and then rescheduled again. You ask why?  Jill and Steve were getting a puppy and not just any puppy but a black lab. We wanted to make sure he could be in the photos and I am so glad we waited. Meet Trotter! He’s absolutely precious. He was so well-behaved through the entire photo-shoot. Even in his young, rambunctiousness-he stole my heart. He’s just one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. 

You’d think that would be easier to shoot without Trotter but I’m not so sure! 😉 Steve and Jill are just a bundle full of laughs. Every time I’d pose Steve, he’d make Jill laugh, giggle, or just keel over from amusement. It was so much fun to watch a couple who has been married now for a little over a year to be so in love. Their fun, adoring nature made them delightful to work with. I couldn’t have had a better morning!

Jill and Steve- I think you both are wonderful! When I look back at this session, a smile comes across my face every time because I feel the joy you two share. Thanks for bringing Trotter and letting me do what I love most. Enjoy! –A.E.

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I could tell they were apprehensive and honestly most people are. I don’t know how many times I’ve told them it will be fun or easy but no one seems to understand until after the experience and yesterday was no different but by the end, there was just fun, laughter and a wonderful willingness to try whatever popped into my little mind. Even the setting couldn’t have been more perfect. Miller’s Orchard in Clarks Summit is a 7th-generation family farm in Northeast PA. It was absolutely breath-taking for this couple! If you’re in the area, you should stop by for a tour. 😉

I kind of tear up looking at this session..kind of. There are few people who I believe understand how my mind works. Delana is counted among the few. She’s smart, ambitious and completely driven. I can relate! You crack a door open and Delana will go running through it without hesitation because she can get excited about any idea. She will sort the kinks out later but her enthusiasm likes to give wings to dreams.  Robert is the one that seems to look at the ground. Is it stable? I can just hear him say hey, hey Delana,….slow down there slugger. Chuckle-He’s extremely intelligent and goofily makes her laugh at the obvious.

Although Delana and Robert only met a short while ago they are getting married in 10 days. Yup-it’s one of those wonderful stories where they just knew. They know God has led them to each other. In His magnificent way, He gave them each a best friend and now they are going to promise each other forever. That they will never leave nor forsake eachother but instead cherish and protect.

I can only hope for such a beautiful union of souls in my future. I am so inspired by you Delana. You have pointed me to the cross and ached when I’ve mourned. You’ve listened, challenged and smiled at my stories. I could never thank you enough for showing me what it means to love.  You are beautiful! Robert-you may have won me over wtih your sign! 🙂 Congratulations to you both! ~AE.

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I love Boston and I loved that on Sunday I got to do a photo-shoot before church with Elyse. A couple of weeks ago Jon had let me know that him and Katie were interested in my services. I had tried to fit them into a weekend when we were both around New Jersey but my schedule wouldn’t permit it. Now looking back, I smile at God’s providence. He had a planned a perfect time in the most wonderful place, I just didn’t know that for sure at the time.

It was a beautiful morning in the Boston Public Gardens and as I waited for Elyse, Jon and Katie to show up. While waiting, I actually met a group of Boston Photographers. They were meeting to shoot and practice together. And can I just say, every time I see a group of photographers working at pushing each other I get wonderfully excited. I love the idea that we are raising the bar and all challenging each other in order to never stay mediocre. I want that. I want to always be moving forward.

Jon and Katie quickly showed up and we moved towards a beautiful  weeping willow. Elyse was perfect. Full of cute smiles, she could make anyones heart melt. I’m feeling rather thankful today for the opportuntiy to work with so many wonderful children. God is beyond faithful! Happy Tuesday!

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This past weekend I traveled with my brother, his wife and my niece to Boston to celebrate my cousin Kim’s wedding. The sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful blue. It was a great day for a wedding. Kim was absolutely stunning in her gown and veil!

The reception which was held at the Fairmont Battery warf right on Boston Harbor. This elegant and sophisticated hotel was the perfect backdrop to the day. The cocktail hour started outside on the waterfront with a lovely view. After lots of socializing we moved down to the dinning room. The dining room gave an intimate feel while we had a delicious dinner and watched the cake being cut.

After that we danced, danced and danced! Our entire family got its groove on! (I don’t think I’ve ever danced so much! It was fantastic!)

It was a delightful celebration of two people becoming one. Kim and Dan, you both are wonderful! Congratulations! I hope your lives are filled with happiness! –AE.

Here are a few candid’s…

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The Famous TO-DO List (I love these things!)

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