MONTROSE, PA: The Small Family

I drove to the middle of nowhere. I didn’t panic but I did stop the stranger on the side of the road to tell me if I was in fact on the right road. Dirt roads, pot holes and multiple missing signs and yet I still made it! It was a success within a success! HA! My Jersey determination still has it.

I knew I liked Maria the minute she had contacted me. Extremely sweet and detailed, she had discussed her hopes of getting to work together for her fifth anniversary. Maria and Brian also have a wonderful doggie they wanted included which only made the session sound more appealing to me. After two rescheduled appointments because of weather (you crazy snow and rain!) we were able to meet at their home. And again, better then we could have ever hoped or dreamed, God provided the most perfect day.

They opened up their home and land for the photo shoot and I couldn’t have found a better spot myself. The light illuminated their features and I was left in awe of how beautiful this couple is inside and out.

Maria and Brian-I am SO thankful to have met you both! Thank you for an amazing morning session and the hot tea. Your kindness and gentle spirits makes me wish you lived a lot closer to my home so we could have campfires and share funny stories. With Appreciation and Respect~ Amy Emily

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One Response to MONTROSE, PA: The Small Family

  1. EternalForms says:

    I like the perspective in that last photo. Nice job on the session.

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