Wedding: Dave + Chelsea

The sun was shining bright and the Frederick Stegmaier Mansion looked regal in the beautiful morning light. It was the most attractive fall day anyone could ask for. Chelsea and Dave got married a week and a half ago in Wilkes-Barre and I felt honored to be a part of their wedding. Chelsea and Dave decided to do a First-Look (which is amazing) and as Dave stared at Chelsea walking towards him I knew he was beyond excited to be marrying his best friend. She looked stunning and their happiness was evident.

I like to think it’s the way Dave looks at Chelsea or the amount of respect Chelsea shows Dave but the way these two work together is very admirable. They are both quiet in their demeanor but Dave makes Chelsea radiate. He cherishes her! As their friends and family gathered and watched them promise to accept each other forever they glowed. They wholeheartedly know, love and adore each other. It’s a simple truth. Dave loves Chelsea and Chelsea loves Dave.

 Chelsea and Dave-I can’t rave enough about you two. Your kindness and gentleness have left an impression on me. Thank you! I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to meet your family and close friends. With lots of Love and Appreciation-.A.E.

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