Taylor is more like my little sister then anything else which made Saturday afternoon a ton of fun! As we drove to Scranton she was completely confused by all the big buildings and where we were going to photograph. I explained she needed to trust me. (::Trruuussttt meeee!!)  As we walked the streets, I showed her where we were going and as we arrived we both stood in awe. I’ve never seen something more drop dead gorgeous. Fall has definitely made Scranton even more beautiful than I could have imagined. The coloring of the foliage was just stunning! After shaking off the awe of God’s beautiful creativity we laughed and set up.

I am so impressed with Taylor. She’s growing up into a Godly young woman right before my eyes and I could not be more proud of her.  She is beautiful inside and out! With an infectious smile and kind spirit she’s easily loveable! When I asked her what kind of photo shoot she wanted she explained how she liked “vintage/classic style.” As a fan of the 1920’s, we kept that in mind and got together some gloves, pearls and hats. Below are a few of the highlights from the session.

Here you are my dear. You are one Classy gal! Love ya! -A.E.

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5 Responses to A1920’s INSPIRED LOOK: TAYLOR

  1. chameleonic says:

    pretty pictures, she’s got a great face!

  2. Chele says:

    Once again, you knocked it out of the park!! Keep up the great work and thanks again for sharing with me…

  3. Sarah Epp says:

    AMY KELLY!!! I wanna cry!!! these are amazing!!! what a gift she is…I loved the ones you took of her at the Kutless concert. She is so radiant!!!! These are spectacular and so special for to her to have !!! – SARAH Epp

  4. travis says:

    Proud to have Watson blood flowing through her veins…

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