Are you Inked?

You’re probably thinking…where did Amy go? I know, I’ve thought it myself. Where am I and what am I doing? Well for the past two weeks I was working on a photo-project for my church. I’ve had other sessions but this one has been one that has captured a lot of my thought. Sunday mornings are a special time for me and I think John Piper clearly explains a part of why in this quote,

Therefore we eagerly embrace God’s call for new, visible manifestations of love toward each other, our guests, and our neighbors. With a fresh openness and outgoing spirit to each other and to all new people, we henceforth put understanding above accusation, forbearance above faultfinding, and biblical unity above the demand for uniformity.” 

I feel like this is a great depiction of what New Life stands for. Everyone there has such a passion for helping and serving each other because of the grace of God. They challenge me intellectually, put me in my place when I’m wrong, laugh with me over wins and bear with me my burdens. I couldn’t ask for a better family!

I was working on the project but it got rudely disrupted by hurricane Irene. I weighed whether I should publish it or wait but then I just went for it. It is a set of black and white photos of my fellow brothers and sisters holding a sign. The sign asks one, simple question

                                                        … Are you INKED?

Curious? You should be! September 4th is our launch date for the sermon series at New Life. I want to encourage you to come if you’re in the area and if you’re not, feel free to jump on and watch the live feed. When I travel that’s what I do and it’s great!

I can’t wait for it to start! – A.E.

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1 Response to Are you Inked?

  1. Love this shot. Our youth do this with their Sunday Service. All of them hold a sign with one moment depicted in words that has troubled them. They then flip the sign before leaving the stage and it says where they are at currently in their new life with Him since handing Him that troublesome moment. Very very powerful and moving. No words spoken at all.

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