It was months ago when Jill asked me for a photo-shoot for her and her husband. Then it had to be rescheduled…and then rescheduled again. You ask why?  Jill and Steve were getting a puppy and not just any puppy but a black lab. We wanted to make sure he could be in the photos and I am so glad we waited. Meet Trotter! He’s absolutely precious. He was so well-behaved through the entire photo-shoot. Even in his young, rambunctiousness-he stole my heart. He’s just one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. 

You’d think that would be easier to shoot without Trotter but I’m not so sure! 😉 Steve and Jill are just a bundle full of laughs. Every time I’d pose Steve, he’d make Jill laugh, giggle, or just keel over from amusement. It was so much fun to watch a couple who has been married now for a little over a year to be so in love. Their fun, adoring nature made them delightful to work with. I couldn’t have had a better morning!

Jill and Steve- I think you both are wonderful! When I look back at this session, a smile comes across my face every time because I feel the joy you two share. Thanks for bringing Trotter and letting me do what I love most. Enjoy! –A.E.

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  1. Melissa (Auntie) says:

    I love the dog – – but I am kind of partial to Jill since she is my niece and I am her favorite Auntie. Just ask her – – she will agreee (as long as none of her other aunts are in the area that is). And yes, Steve does like to get people laughing when you are trying to take pictures – anything to distract from the pictures.
    The pictures are great by the way!

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