Mt. Pleasant l Part. 2 ENGAGEMENT OUTTAKES: Tim & Marie

The epicness is all in the hair! As you will see below lots of wind action was happening which made the session interesting as I would try to pose Tim and Marie. At first all I wanted was a place that we could block the wind since it was trying to take control over my session but in the end I thought it actually made the photos a lot more exciting. Right after the photoshoot I declared that we would have to do an “outtakes” post because I knew that some of the hair shoots were just to fun! So here’s to the outtakes… the surprises, the laughs, and the what the heck-was-that-moments that I will treasure!

O wait, I’m not done, the best moment of the session was when I was above Tim and Marie trying to get some shots through the umbrella but the wind came on so strong that it almost took the umbrella right out of Tims’ hands. I being on a prime lens and also balancing on a concrete slab had to jump backwards swiftly because I wanted to capture such havoc. I was trying not laugh at all of our surprise at just how powerful the wind had become but I did laugh and I even screamed …let the umbrella go! Thankfully, Tim being smarter shook his head no. Leave it to me in sheer panic to exclaim such a crazy request..i would have never seen my favorite umbrella ever again. Thanks Tim for not listening to me! 🙂   

Thanks Tim and Marie for being such great sports! These are so fun and it makes me happy to know we couldn’t recreate this photoshoot even if we tried.

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