This engagement series is going to be presented in two parts because plain and simple, it was epic. I shot this in Mount Pleasant, PA (outside of Pittsburgh  by 45 minutes.) You ask…why such epicness other than wonderful clients…ooo well because we shoot in the middle of a wind storm. No lie, it was so funny but those pictures are for tomorrow.

Clients always ask me what happens when it rains? Well let me reassure you that I like the elements and I really want to use the rain if we can. This photo shoot was a prime example of severe wind and on and off rain. It works…you go with it…you have fun and together we can capture some magic. You just have to be willing to welcome something epic and different!

Today, I want you to hear some of Marie’s and Tim’s story. Marie will admit is with a it her womanish ways but she manipulated Tim into getting time alone with him in the beginning. (You know you all do it so no judgement here!) They laugh now as Marie slightly blushes at the bold move. She just wanted more time with Tim and he was obviously was not complaining. You see the both worked together on their college schools officer team. So after some conversations and IM-ing…Marie, Tim and a fellow class officer were supposed to run to Toys”R”Us to get some supplies for a upcoming event.

Thankfully, the third officer backed out and they were left running to Toy’s R Us together. Both interested but hesitant, they found themselves throughly enjoying their time.  Up and down the isles, Tim talked to Marie and they both felt it. It’s that connection all you happy and in love people tell me about!

 Tim chuckles now because when he wanted to propose to Marie nothing was working out just the way he planned. There were things to do and he was trying to help his father. So finally in a grand, sentimental gesture he brought her back to where it all began Good Ole’ Toys”R”Us. He knelt down on one knee and with excitement asked Marie to marry himbut Marie couldn’t stand still. She walked around to the other isle, slowly made her way back to him with a giant YES.

(I won’t lie I kept wanting to break out in song during the shoot, I don’t want to grow up I’m a Toys”R”Us kids but I resisted, don’t worry.)

 Marie and Tim~I’m so excited to shoot your wedding later this summer. 🙂 Thanks for being willing to let me work with the elements and capture moments you will always remember! -Amye-

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3 Responses to MT PLEASANT: ENGAGEMENT PART 1.-Tim and Marie

  1. Amy says:

    I love the shot through the window! Great work as always, Amy!

  2. Beautiful photos. I love the very last black and white. : )

  3. Kara says:

    i’m in love with your blog! i love the stories; i love your creativity and ability to capture beauty and emotions in every photo. i love it even more because i know you – you are an amazing person!

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