Dear Girl Playing the Electric Guitar,

Dear Girl Playing the Electric Guitar,

Thank you. Thank you for being a servant. Thank for reminding me that even when life is hard, patience has been given moreso for you to extend. Know that the years of practice and struggle, the years of laughs and tears, have brought you to today. I can tell you’ve gleaned wisdom through blessings and love. I can tell that your time reading the Bible has been honest, real, and sometimes frustratingly disappointing. When the answers are not what we want or expect, you still pressed on. You’re still pressing on.

It is your example I adore. It is in you I see God working. It is when I look at you that I know I am not alone. I see a sister. I see a friend. I see someone given more knowledge than most and someone willing to apply it. The art of application is the difference. It is part of what sets you to a different beat then the rest of this world. I praise the Lord for this. I praise the Lord that you apply what you are learning. Please never stop.

When you make music, remember its beauty. Worship before the throne and for no one else. The Glory belongs to only one and He sees our motives. He sees our true, inner being. What a blessing it is to know that even after that, even after seeing our grievous hearts He still loves us. He still desires a relationship.
Thank you for reminding me of grace. Thank you for pointing us all towards the one who has created us, each individually beautiful. Each individually important. Keep making music and letting the rest of us sing along.

Stay strong in our Redeemer. For in Him alone we stand, in Him alone we live! He has given us abundance in our salvation.

I consider you a blessing. Thank you for being a servant of the most High God.



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