We didn’t talk about guys much nor did we date carelessly. We were too busy and too much in love with everything else to waste our time on a meaningless high school relationship. I remember once in gym class as we walked around the track, we discussed the future guys we might marry. Would they be short or tall, blue eyes or green? I can’t count how many times we laughed at knowing when that day came we would be so different.

For Alyssa, it all started with one of those Dating Apps. One that let you spend two minutes talking to someone you didn’t know and then it would change to another perspective man. If it was a good conversation, well then in true Facebook fashion- Friend Him. That’s just what Alyssa did. She was going through talking to random guys and then she came across Drew.

Drew could make her laugh and she found herself slightly interested. Drew officially asked her out and to the Seaside boardwalk they went. As Drew explained it, the plan was great but when you’re on a blind date, no one likes to have the awkward drive of 40 minutes to get where the date is actually taking place. 

Alyssa just wanted to let things pan out and Drew in his lax manor just wanted whatever Alyssa wanted. I think it was that reaction that made Alyssa keep him in mind. Drew has this way about him that makes Alyssa just at ease and comfortable. He’s full of good humor and brings out Alyssa’s smile often.

As I photographed them I found myself so thankful that my dear high school friend found such a great guy.  Alyssa-I LOVE that I was able to do your engagement session.  We are different and it has totally worked in our favor. 😉 Thank you so much for all those amazing middle school lunches, giggles during recess and walks around the track in gym. I’m blessed to know you! Drew-Keep her laughing! You both are wonderful together!  ~Amy e. ~

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6 Responses to SEASIDE BEACH ENGAGEMENT: Drew + Alyssa

  1. mea says:

    these are lovely.

  2. Eric Laustsen says:

    Amy, as ”father of the bride”I want to thank you for your beautiful work and help w/ Alyssa + Drews pictures.Your commentary was Excellent and brought a tear to my eye…..Thank you again!

  3. Sheryl Taylor says:

    Amy – your amazing! God really has gifted you!
    Alyssa – my library pal 🙂 congratulations!!

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