Half the fun of doing my job is hearing everyone tell their story. I knew of Bethany’s side for a long time since she has been a friend of mine for years. (Years? Bethany..I can actually say that! Crazy!)

While we were walking around Scranton, I asked Jesse his side of their love story. It was fun to hear him express how it all started with a blind date. That’s right..a blind date people. They do work!

Jesse was a senior who was contemplating on attending a school in another country. He was not looking to date nor did he want to enter into a long distance relationship. One day, a friend showed him a picture of a girl he thought he should go on a blind date with. Another mutual friend expressed how Bethany was amazing and a great gal. Jesse, still not convinced, went back to his dorm room and told his friend of this crazy idea. Thankfully, his roommate didn’t think it was crazy, he thought the idea was great. (Thank yoouuu Aaron!)

After some gentle urging, he agreed and the date went well. It wasn’t fireworks or love at first sight but love came and when it came, it was strong. In my opinion, it’s the kind of love that’s worth waiting for. The kind that when you look at the couple you think, wow, now they, they are made for each other.

Spiderman! ha!

Bethany and Jesse, I can’t wait to shoot the wedding. Thanks for a fun afternoon in the sun.

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  1. Katie says:

    Your BEST PHOTOS YET!! SOOOOOO GOOD! 🙂 And I’m TOTALLY digging the new logo. 🙂

  2. Raphael says:

    I like these pictures…

  3. Kara says:

    i could look at your photos for hours. we so need another photo shoot. Drew and I will have to practice being photogenic 🙂 you are so talented meme!

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