A New Home

This weekend was amazing. Getting the Canon 5d Mark II was so much fun. I was beyond nervous meeting some strange man and thankfully many friends were in contact with me during the process. (AHEM..Parking in Philly scared me to death. I could have sworn I was going to get towed. Praise the Lord I was fine.) I met Ed at a Whole Foods store and I felt like I could have sat there another hour just talking about cameras, lenses and how to work a business. I loved every second of discussing progress and the fluctuating economy.  Thank You Ed for taking such beautiful care of my new camera! 🙂 I promise to take grand care of it.

From the beautiful city to the countryside..I traveled to see my best friend and her husband. Talk about the most relaxing weekend…It was wonderful. Kara and Drew just bought a house and we had the opportunity to tear up the floor upstairs. I took a few shots of “before” since i plan on helping out through the whole process. The house is lovely even amidst its bear walls and dusty-ness.

Isn’t it cute?

hanging from above…

The front door….

Yes, we wore masks while we worked…

The homeowners…

in the attic…

O…and my favorite picture of them. They are perfect for each other.

Soul mates! I just LOVE THEM!

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1 Response to A New Home

  1. Kara says:

    you even made our dirty house look amazing 🙂

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