Early Much

So this morning I showed up for a meeting that had I had actually rescheduled for the day before. (Are you confused?) Let me explain, yesterday my boss and i discussed scheduling a meeting at 8am yesterday for today but last-minute another attendee couldn’t make it. Therefore, we quickly prepared and had the meeting an hour later yesterday. But today, I showed up wicked early to join in on a meeting only for my boss to ask me why i was I in so early? Chuckle…I literally answered, “for a meeting that i don’t remember what the topic is.” Then we all just laughed. Opps.

Hahaha. early much?

I’m leaving today at 5pm for my grand adventure. Philly here I come…

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1 Response to Early Much

  1. Carole Green says:

    Good luck in Philly! Keep us posted. Praying for you! Love all your photography, a beautiful job. Tomorrow Ryleigh will be 1 month old. Where does the time go? Have a great day! Keep up the great work.

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