Sawyer Ryle Theodore

Renelle had asked me when Sawyer came into the world to do his baby pictures… Well I just couldn’t wait.

The minute Becky and I heard he was born, we planned to stop by Renelle and the family at the hospital. Seriously…He’s just perfect.

Sawyer came into the world 2.5 weeks early! He is 9lbs 1 ounce 20 1/2 inches. Please note: He might possibly have the cutest double chin ever!

On a personal note: I feel like  you can’t drink the water right now…so many people I know are pregnant (Many blessing to you all but if you’re single like me…stay away from the water 😉 lol.)

Mommy and Sawyer

Look at how handsome he is!

This little one was very popular… above is Ruth..

Mike and Annaleigh..

Look at how cute Michelle looks holding him…Annaleigh is getting practice in sharing…(Michelle is currently preggers too..woohoo!)

Becky …

and finally Mommy and Daddy.

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