Julee and Matt

I had so much fun this afternoon being able to capture Julee and Matt. The truth is, Julee’s love story means a lot to me. She is one of those friends that came into my life at a time i was not at my  best. Looking back, it amazes me how we spent time laughing, crying and aching to know God more. I’m not amazed at our friendship or our seriousness about our relationship with the Lord but i am amazed at what we’ve learned since becoming friends. Her encouragement has been such a blessing and i couldn’t have asked for a better friend through those valleys and mountain tops. Three years ago, we met under completely different circumstances and God showed us His grace in ways we never could have imaged. Three years ago, i wasn’t playing with a camera and three years ago, Julee was not into Matt. Slowly but surely, Matt gently won her heart and now they share something beyond beautiful. On December 18, 2010, Julee will walk down the isle and I get to be there. I’m beyond excited for her. She looks at Matt with the most love and care and I know he will cherish her. For now, as we wait with glee and anticipation for their special day, I hope you find great pleasure in their engagement pictures. Unfortunately, i won’t be putting up all the outtakes but trust me, their were plenty. You’re welcome Matt! 😉 I love you Julee!

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